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After numerous collaborative projects, including Holly Herndon and Itaca, producer and songwriter Albertine Sarges brings together a new band, the titular Sticky Fingers for their debut LP. Albertine grew up in Kreuzberg during the fall of the Berlin Wall - but from there she branches out to take in feminist theory, musings on bisexuality, gender stereotypes, depression and mental health. She makes her intentions very clear: art needs context, music is a danceable contribution to the societal discourse. Through her music, Sarges discusses several themes, from feminism, bisexuality, and gender stereotypes, to love and relationships, to discussing mental health. “So much of this album is about the experience of togetherness vs. fighting alone,” she says. “These moments of saying ‘yes!’ and letting yourself fall into the arms of a community. Being held and the tenderness of that trust.” The Sticky Fingers is named after Sarges’ close friends who she recorded this debut with Rosa Mercedes, Lisa Baeyens and Robert Kretzschmar. It has been recorded in live-sessions at studios of Whitest Boy Alive-keyboardist Daniel Nentwig’s, in Berlin’s Neukölln district. Credit for all musical arrangements and post-production go to Sarges herself.

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