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John Moods is the solo music project of Berlin native Jonathan J. (co-founder of the band Fenster. At the heart of these tenderly crafted pop songs is a desire to get up close and personal with nature and the infinite.

His goal is to make healing pop music, to zoom out and explore what it means to live on a planet in the universe. To try and accept death and see the humour in existence. As life in the modern world has become incredibly fast and saturated, he believes it is time for a new, open, modern form of radical optimism and spirituality in music and beyond.

John Moods' songs are full of intuitive melodies and silky smooth harmonies, creating a growing canon of contemporary soft rock hits with shimmering waves of psychedelia.

He released his debut album "The Essential John Moods" largely composed and produced on an iphone while traveling in 2018 with the Berlin based label Mansions and Millions. His new album starts where the first one left off but explodes into various new directions, a bit more groovy, a bit more sad, a bit more happy and mostly both at the same time.

If "The Essential John Moods" was a seed planted in the soil, the sophomore will be a delicate sprout bursting through the crusty layer of earth catching its first glimpse of sky.

In June 2019 he released the single "I Wanted You" - a little taste of John Moods' second album that he's currently working on.

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October 2019: Like A Whisper (Single, Mansions and Millions)
June 2019: I Wanted You (Single, Mansions and Millions)
April 2018: The Essential John Moods (Album, Mansions and Millions)

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I Wanted You


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